We know and we well-understand that our relationship is built on the core element of trust. Preciseby takes the liberty and responsibility of keeping your data secure. We do not take the confidence you have put in us for granted. To protect sensitive information and our services, we have enhanced our system with excellent security measures and implemented best security practices. We believe that you will sleep better at night knowing that your data is safely stored and secure on our cloud servers.


Security Safeguards

At Preciseby, we go out of our way to protect your data, the most important assets of your business. We value and prioritize our obligations to our customers. Preciseby’s offers superior physical, technical and administrative security safeguards to keep your sensitive data secure and safe. We use the standard security technology for keeping your interaction with us encrypted and secure through a 256-bit SSL strong encryption. Firewall shields your data, and the Preciseby application during the data transmission process. However, we do not store credit card information. Understand that we transmit your credit card details to our payment processor from the app or website, without storing your details. After that, the payment processor gives us a secure token. You may think of a token as a code, which authorizes us to carry the transaction efficiently and securely to the end, without storing or revealing your credit card data.


Preciseby’s servers store your data in protected data centres with maximum security. That’s an added security measure even though no method of electronic storage is completely safe. In fact, Preciseby does not guarantee absolute security. Where we suspect that someone accessed or may intend to access your account without being duly authorized by you, we will notify you and, we may curtail access to certain parts of Preciseby services unless you verify by written notice that such access was by an authorized user. In the event of a security and/or a privacy breach, Preciseby will notify the relevant authorities and the affected clients as soon as reasonably and legally possible.


Account Security Features

Preciseby may introduce and implement additional security features, such as multi-factor authentication, to make your account even more secure. At some point in the future, we may ask you to adopt some or all of the features we have introduced. However, if you employ optional security features, you are responsible for the consequences of not using those features.


Each Party is Responsible

Preciseby submits its system for internal testing. We employ third-party security experts to conduct rigorous and regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of our systems. We are always willing to bend over backwards to ensure that your data is safe and secure.


To secure your data, Preciseby calls upon you to:

  • To keep your login details secure.
  • Desist from letting any other person use your login details.
  • Implement strong security measures on your systems.

Likewise, Preciseby urges you to promptly report any unauthorized use of your password or breach of security to your account or linked email address.